1 to 1 coaching sessions available at my home gym in Wakefield. Following a consultation, individual sessions will be planned around your own goals and lifestyle. Providing motivation and support through the different exercises. Prices from as little as £15...

Comprehensive 12-week Online Coaching programmes are available - individualised to your own goals and lifestyle. Along with the 24/7 support, motivation and accountability.

Female Functional Fitness is a group session for those who want to get fit while learning how to lift weights. This includes circuits aiming to improve fitness levels through resistance training.  Available for up to 4 people from £10 each.



Tailored workouts for your own busy lifestyle and your goals. Teaching you the fundamentals of weight training to build that body! Workout and intensity is adapted according to your weekly check-ins.


A complete breakdown of how and why to track macros (and what on earth they are). Also includes recipe ideas, example meal plans and nutritional guidance throughout.

24/7 support

Weekly check-ins with Laura - where the magic happens! You'll receive 1-1 support and answers to all of your questions and queries. Laura will be available 24/7 by WhatsApp or Email to provide motivation, accountability and to coach you throughout the programme.


Access to videos of each exercise, demonstrating the correct form and execution. Laura will also be available 24/7 for any adaptations to your plan or exercises.

facebook community

Access to a private facebook community group for ongoing support which includes: Live streams and training, ongoing support from Laura and other members, additional tips and tricks to create and sustain a healthy fit lifestyle, form checks and motivation from others on the exact same journey


As a Teacher, I pride myself on being able to instill you with the education to continue your journey even after the programme finishes. This isn't just a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change I want you to continue and I will coach and support you through the journey.

How long do the workouts take?

Each programme is personalised to the individual and is dependent on your own lifestyle and goals. Some people prefer longer sessions less frequently and some prefer 30 minute intense sessions.

Do I need a gym membership?

The Busy Body Plan can be done at the gym, or at home. If you choose to follow the guide from home, you can do so with some basic equipment:


-Stability ball

-Resistance band

-Skipping rope

When does it start?

The next session of The Busy Body Programme will begin on the 29th April 2019. It will run until the end of July. The programme and documents you receive will all be yours to keep even after the coaching ends. Most of my busy clients have chosen to continue with the programme as they love it that much!


Feel free to contact me by filling out the form for an informal, no obligation discussion or to meet personally to talk about your fitness goals and preferences.

Investing in yourself is often the hardest but most important decision for change. How often do you invest in clothes and material objects but still don't find happiness?

Invest in yourself today for the cost of your weekly takeaways or coffee shop purchases!

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In 12 weeks time, you'll have wished you started earlier!